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We are craftsman; web design and development is our only passion and vice. We work hard, listen to your needs, and enjoy working toward your success. Our work stands out because we handcraft all of our designs and write all of our code. No prebuilt templates or copy and pasting of code; simply pure, true, craftsmanship.

Without fail, every potential client inquires about our availability and ability to communicate effectively. Many of our clients have been burned in the past by other firms and want to make sure that we will not disappear on them. We reassure them that we are here for the long haul, and that our business depends solely on happy clients. Furthermore, we provide a wonderful contract to assure our services are rendered in a professional, timely, and accountable fashion.

The dirty little secret in the web design and development profession is that many designers and developers are very good at carrying out tasks, but fail to grasp the larger concept behind why those tasks are important. Many individuals in this industry do not ask "why?" before they do. It is our firm belief that there should be a solid reason behind every design decision, and every line of code. The ultimate return on investment should always be worked toward. If we were a customer, we would seek out a professional who has the ability to provide consolatory services in addition to design and development skills.

Our advice to a potential client looking to hire a web designer or developer would be to ask plenty of questions. Get to know them and their process. Our process, which we refer to as our Web Production Process has 5 distinct stages: Discovery, Design, Development, Testing, and Launch. Be sure to have an understanding of the entire process, the estimated timeline, and where additional time or costs may come into play if certain scenarios arise.

Potential clients should be willing to provide as much information as possible, but more importantly be willing to have thorough discussions. Web design and development is certainly a complex topic, but we make the entire process fun and logical for our clients. Perhaps more importantly than anything is that questions should be asked and expectations should be discussed.

Continuing education is crucial in the technology field, especially due to the fact that this industry experiences exponential growth year after year. We keep up with the industry via multiple newsletters and blogs, as well as various continuing education services. However, the mere fact of working in the industry on a daily basis serves to provide a great wealth of continuing education.

Typically, an initial retainer will be charged upfront. This fee depends upon the project size, but can range from 30-50% of the overall estimated project cost. We will provide you with an estimated total cost and timeframe before starting the project. If at any point during the project additional services are requested, a Change Order will be issued detailing projected additional costs and time. You will have the opportunity to accept or reject this change order.

We pride ourselves in our relationship with clients, mimicking a client-attorney relationship to the extent possible and working closely with clients to guard intellectual property. As a company that works with a plethora of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and even large organizations, we have a unique position to see many ideas from different people; often, these ideas are similar in nature.

While we strongly believe that proper execution is far more important than ideas, we understand the need to protect your original ideas. In these instances, we highly recommend securing a patent for your idea (we can help with that!). Signing NDAs can result in a severe limitation of future ability to work with new or existing clients, and can open AVALUX up to burdensome legal liabilities.

While we typically do not sign NDAs, we may entertain the idea of signing highly focused and specific NDAs with a contingency clause activating the NDA upon hiring. Furthermore, please note that depending upon the nature of the NDA, additional fees to cover legal due diligence may apply.

Except under extraordinary conditions, and due to the severe limitation on future work, we will not sign a NCC (Non-Compete Clause). If you have reason to believe we should reconsider this policy, feel free to contact us.

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