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At AVALUX, we provide much more than a website or a handful of business cards. Before a project begins, we deliver insights on how to best accomplish your goals. Instead of "how?" we first ask "why?" You see, as Simon Sinek elegantly pointed out, great leadership starts with why. How and what to accomplish come later.

As our Production Process makes clear, discovery is a major — and the first — stage. Discovery involves face-to-face, or if that's not feasible: over the phone, conversation. We attentively listen, utilizing one of the most useful skills we possess. Listening is imperative in establishing a base understanding of where your business is positioned in the market, and begins to reveal the why.

Together, we flush out the why. Determining the rest of the equation might result in something like:

We want to reduce consumer frustration (the why) by connecting consumer electronics to an online management portal (the how) via providing consumers with desktop and mobile applications (the what).

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We offer services ranging from web design and development to print, video, and marketing.

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"Since working with AVALUX, most of my new patients are coming in from the website they designed. Their SEO skills have given me a step ahead of my competition. I highly recommend AVALUX for your website management!"

- Dr. Daniel Waldman, DPM, FACFAS
Blue Ridge Foot Centers

"AVALUX has a unique and much-appreciated "old fashioned" focus on personal attention and responsiveness which we love. It felt like we were doing business with a classic American business."

- Tim Steahl
Tim's Construction

"AVALUX has provided me with a fantastic web presence, but perhaps more important to me personally, they reduced my stress and instilled a confidence in my approach — an approach they helped me fashion."

- Ben Dyson
Cigenia Inc.
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