The AVALUX Philosophy

Our Guiding Principles

The Bedrock of What Guides AVALUX

Operating alongside other businesses requires strong ethical and moral principles. The philosophy of AVALUX is cemented among the following crucial philosophical principles. We attribute our successes to the notions enumerated below. These principles are not merely fluff, but strong attributes of AVALUX which every one of our clients can attest to. We're extraordinarily proud of that fact.

Jeremy Buff, President AVALUX
Honesty in Fact and Opinion

In an industry where even basic projects are often quite complex, honesty is paramount to a successful project. The entire AVALUX culture is based upon trust between all parties involved. Over-promising and under-delivering are nowhere to be found here. We'll call you when we say we will, deliver when we say we will, and communicate with unmitigated respect.

Genuinely Over-Deliver

The small details which make a project great are far too numerous to individually discuss. At AVALUX, just because a minuscule detail was not explicitly discussed does not mean that it will not happen. We pledge to meticulously handcraft every project with stunning attention to detail. This guiding principle surrounds everything we do; both internally and externally.

Spread Knowledge

We strive to be a thought leader within the industry, both locally and nationally. By providing effective advice to our clientele, and listening to their unique goals and aspirations, knowledgeable and informed consultation can take place. AVALUX is in a unique position to build upon past clientele's experiences, and produce valuable research.

Strive for Excellence

At AVALUX, we realize that perfection is unattainable, so instead we strive for excellence. We're realists, and understand hard work leads to fantastic things. From the quality of the designs we produce, to the code we handwrite, excellence is the only acceptable outcome. Furthermore, after project completion we stand by our work with client support we are exceptionally proud of.

Think Divergently

We admit: innovation is a buzz word. However, how many studios are truly innovative? Many simply take a set of requirements and produce a result. That's not who we are; we're a professional web consultancy with a focus on innovation and divergent thinking. We have actual conversations with you, stew over the results, and bring something amazing back to the table.

American Pride

We're exceptionally proud to be an American business. We believe in bringing forth uniquely American services with a dose of classic, old-world elbow grease. We never outsource to other countries and support local businesses and charities. We believe both America and American businesses are exceptional in every interpretation of the word.

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We offer services ranging from web design and development to print, video, and marketing.

We would honestly love to speak to you web, marketing, or print needs.

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"Since working with AVALUX, most of my new patients are coming in from the website they designed. Their SEO skills have given me a step ahead of my competition. I highly recommend AVALUX for your website management!"

- Dr. Daniel Waldman, DPM, FACFAS
Blue Ridge Foot Centers

"AVALUX has a unique and much-appreciated "old fashioned" focus on personal attention and responsiveness which we love. It felt like we were doing business with a classic American business."

- Tim Steahl
Tim's Construction

"AVALUX has provided me with a fantastic web presence, but perhaps more important to me personally, they reduced my stress and instilled a confidence in my approach — an approach they helped me fashion."

- Ben Dyson
Cigenia Inc.
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