The Web Production Process

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The Web Production Process

A Process That's Anything But Boring

  • Discovery Discussion & Planning
  • Design Wireframing & Visual
  • Development Programming & Magic
  • Testing Quality Assurance
  • Launch Party Time!
An Agile Path Forward

The power of the Web Production Process is not just the process itself, but its inherent ability to change and adapt to any project of any size, accounting for even the most minuscule of details.

Powerful Web Consultancy

The Web Production Process is much more than a series of stages to complete a project; it's a refined ecosystem to cultivate a powerful web presence for your business.

Listen to your story
Research your industry
Design Based on goals
Code for reliability
Test for quality
Deploy on your server
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We utilize a wide array of professional web development tools and technologies, but perhaps our most useful skills is attentive listening.

Stage 1: Discovery

Discussion & Information Architecture

This first stage in the Web Production Process is crucial in determining information regarding the goals of the project. Depending upon the budget of the project, this stage may include a competitive analysis, existing marketing strategies analysis, and/or a marketing plan. At the bare minimum, this stage will include a Statement of Work and a Content and Resources Document.

After project completion, a Social Media and Search Engine Recommendations document will be delivered to guide future Return on Investment. The overall goal is the ensure that both parties involved are on the same page in terms of expectations. Together, we'll cover the following topics:

Stage 2: Design

Wireframing & Visual Components

The design stage includes working to create an all-encompassing visual experience. The design will reflect the purpose of the website, branding, and the appropriate placement of content. At the start, a set of wireframes (blueprints) may be constructed to convey the general layout. Once the layout is approved, the visual aspects (such as color, patterns, and graphics) will be incorporated into final compositions.

It's important to note that while visual attractiveness is a goal, the primary goal in all of our designs is a beautifully fluid and logical user experience. We're not in the business of only making pretty things, but rather we're in the business of designing functional websites, web applications, and mobile applications that intuitively get the job done. Every design decision we make has logic and reasoning behind it.

For projects that are not web-centric, the process is similar. Print and advertisement design are also approached from a user experience point of view, ensuring the messaging is communicated appropriately.

Stage 3: Development

Writing the Code

During the development stage, the project will be coded. Both server-side and client-side code will be written. A static site called a Proof of Concept (with no functionality or interactivity) will first be demoed to the client. This is considered the alpha build. After that follows a beta build (all core functionality), which is, for all intents and purposes, the fully working site.

This stage is by far and away the most important of all five stages, and a stage where the overall quality is ultimately determined. At AVALUX, we pay special attention to the quality of the code written. We never use templates or outsource to other countries. All code is hand-written, aside from a small selection of JavaScript or PHP libraries necessary to the core functionality of the site.

Many factors, such as Search Engine Optimization, speed, reliability, browser compatibility, and security play a role in overall stability. Furthermore, we write all code in the Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) language model utilizing the Model-View-Controller (MVC) software architectural pattern.

Both OOP and MVC allow us to deliver a fantastically developed project to you, built in a "separation of concerns" fashion. This results in a highly editable, stable, and expandable project which any developer can easily work with in the future.

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Stage 4: Testing

Quality Assurance & Content Transfer

After the project has been designed and developed, content from the existing website (if applicable) will be transferred over to the new site. At this point, the site is still on a staging server, not publicly accessible. Next, a series of user tests will take place, ensuring that both user experience and functionality is complete and optimized. Minor changes may be made to account for the user testing results.

Lastly, an exact replica of the production server that the website will be deployed to is set up to perform final compatibility testing. Once all tests are successfully completed, a launch date will be scheduled. At this point, no further changes to the project will be made.

Stage 5: Launch

Deploying the Website

Once all testing is complete and final revisions have been made, it’s time to deploy the site to a live web server. Depending on the nature of the site, this stage may included a limited release at first. After the site launches and analytics are verified as working, it’s time to sit back with a nice glass of wine and enjoy a debriefing discussion. Congratulations on a successful launch!

Responsive Web Design

An Interface that Adapts
to a Visitor's Device

We design every website from the ground up with a mobile-first, responsive nature. This allows us to ensure that the most important parts of your website are easily accessibly on a mobile phone, with ancillary content appearing on larger devices.

Furthermore, content such as phone numbers and maps are specifically designed to work well on handheld devices.

Unlike other design firms, we don't charge extra for this either. Why? Because we want to see a better web.

Let's Discuss Your Project

Unlike other design firms, we don't charge extra for this either.
Why? Because we want to see a better web.

Mobile Responsive Website

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