Fan Experiences Case Study

Sporting Event Accommodations Web Design

Launch Website

Launched Fall 2015

A Complete Visual Redesign

Fan Experiences Gets a New Experience

A Re-envisioned Design

The Fan Experiences website was in need of a visual, and functional, overhaul. For this project, we redesigned the entire site from the ground up to showcase Fan Experiences as an industry leader.

Streamlined Hotel Booking

Fan Experiences helps sports fans find hotel accommodations for highly sought after sporting events. Seeing as that's the main purpose of the website, what did we do? Put the events front and center, of course.


This project included both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator work, as well as HTML5 & CSS3.

The Solution

A Redesign with Flexibility

When Fan Experiences came to AVALUX, they had a great idea of what they wanted to accomplish. Their then-current site was outdated and did not provide the flexibility that Fan Experiences needed. After gathering information by asking the right questions, we set out down the path of our Web Production Process. The first challenge was to organize the content that Fan Experiences would need on the website. Next, we powered up Adobe Photoshop and began pushing pixels on a blank canvas.

As the new design for Fan Experiences started to come to life, we envisioned subtle animations strategically placed within the user interface. Taking these ideas and the design, we fired up a code editor and began typing away. What resulted was a beautiful, yet more importantly: functional, website. Fan Experiences not only has a powerful, modern website, they also have the ability to customize each page to perfectly fit the page's content.

In Our Client's Words

We LOVE the site! We're really impressed with it, great work! We like the design conveyed across the whole site; it looks great.

Morgan McGee, Marketing & Promotions Manager at Fan Experiences
Mobile Responsive

An Interface that Adapts
to a Visitor's Device

The Fan Experiences website was designed from the ground up to function equally as well on mobile devices as on desktop devices. No functionality was sacrificed, allowing users to quickly find what they're looking for.

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