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Aided by our Production Process, all of the services we provide are uniquely customized to your business' intrinsic characteristics. We never settle for good enough; we're a boutique studio for a reason. Explore our services below, review our Capability Statement, and then let's chat.

Web & Digital

Web Design

We build much more than websites; we build web presences that return on your investment. Every design decision we make has a reasoning behind it — a positive user experience wrapped together in a beautiful design is the overarching goal.

Web & Digital

Web Development

The foundation of every worthy website is rock-solid programming. Whether it be HTML, CSS, or PHP, the code should be clean, error-free, and reliable. At AVALUX, we write all of our own code, never outsourcing to a foreign country.

Web & Digital

HTML5 Apps

Desktop-class software can easily be implimented in HTML5 apps, and can play a big role in modern marketing. We're fully capable of designing and developing HTML5 applications for marketing or platform services.

Web & Digital


Every website needs a powerful content management system. We're experts in common open-source software, such as Wordpress, however we've developed our own CMS entitled ASCEND which is a perfect fit for many of our clients.

Web & Digital


One our our most popular services; custom eCommerce websites perform leaps and bounds above template eCommerce websites. We take the time to analyze your needs, and provide valuable insights. Attention to detail is crucial.

Web & Digital

Website Management

Worried about uptime? Need ongoing modifications to your website? Our Site Management service takes the hassle out of your hands and places it squarely in ours. We can even host and automatically backup your website for you.


Print Design

From style guides to business cards; AdWords to letterhead — we have you covered. Where others simply slap your logo on a card, we diverge and strategically design for maximum impact. After all, your brand is the face of your company.

Business Services


Solutions are reactionary while insights are proactive; we prefer the latter. Taking the time to get to know you and your business, we offer a wide range of impactful and intelligent consultatory services to boost your Return on Investment.

Business Services


Marketing is much more than Facebook Ads or social media posts; they certainly play a role, but the right approach is key. We sit down with you, learn all facets of your business, and strive to spread your message across multiple mediums.

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