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Mobile Applications

From iOS to Android, HTML to Native;
We Provide Custom Apps

In an industry that is inundated with offshore firms charging pennies on the dollar for shoddy work, and Wordpress Wizards who only know how to install a pre-built theme, AVALUX stands out. In addition to meticulously crafting our own designs, we write and test all of our own code; never outsourcing. We take our skill, and your expectations, very seriously. Being in control of the quality of code places us in a position to ensure reliability, efficiency, and standards-based programming.

Our strong capabilities, combined with powerful insights, provide a guiding principle that converges your goals with our knowledge, resulting in a powerful Return on Investment.

Validated HTML / CSS

HTML plays a massive role in proper Search Engine Optimization, as it forms the basis of a website's structure.

All of our markup is validated per the Worldwide Web Consortium standards.

Server-Side Fundamentals

The basis of our server-side programming revolves around PHP and MySQL, two common and powerful languages.

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Read more about our standards-based methodologies.

Mobile & Web

At AVALUX, we're fully capable of developing mobile apps, webapps, custom CMS and CRM, websites; new or pre-existing.

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Robust Capabilities

A Modus Operandi Resulting in a Return on Investment

From completely custom solutions to the maintenance of existing systems, we have the skills and experience you need.

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Powerful Programming Capabilities

We Do Much More Than
Just Program Websites

We offer a strong portfolio of skills to accomplish any programming job.

Truly handcrafted precision; we program completely in-house and never outsource or white label.

  • Content Management Systems
  • Customer Relationship Tools
  • Point of Sale API Integrations
  • Online Store / eCommerce
  • Custom Payment Gateways
  • Custom Email Marketing
  • Wordpress Template Design
  • Custom API Development
  • Existing Systems Maintenance
  • Unit Testing
  • Systems Analysis
  • Responsive Web Development
  • Frontend Framework Development
  • JavaScript Webapp Development

We would honestly love to speak to you about programming tasks.

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