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Web Design

We diligently design each website
with user experience in mind.

Of all the 6.5 million websites in the world, hardly any of them look nice. Even fewer of them look nice and function well. Web usability is an art within itself, but a peculiar art because beauty is secondary to function on the web. Each website or webapp has a purpose, and almost always the return of investment of a website is directly tied to how well it functions in the eyes and minds of visitors. This is why we have refined our Web Production Process down to a science, and one of the most important stages in that process is that of design.

After we have ironed out the purpose of the project, including goals, return on investment, and basic design direction, the design team at AVALUX gets hard at work on a set of wireframes, or blueprints which represent areas of content on a website. These wireframes are colorless and often have example content within them to demonstrate how the real content will appear. Many other studios do not take the time to wireframe, but we view this as an important step in ensuring the user experience is nailed down.

Distilling The Discovery

We Begin to Organize
Your Content

A set of wireframes help to achieve this.

After a Few Discussions

A design begins to emerge

eCommerce Websites

Selling products or services online? A custom eCommerce website proves to be much more effective than alternatives.

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Combine a custom online store with marketing for a big effect!

Informational Websites

Spreading a message is much easier with a mobile-friendly website. From blogs to political campaigns, we have you covered.

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Local Businesses

Standing out from the pack is hard, but with a customized website and proper marketing, we'll guide you in the right direction.

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People nearby are waiting to hear about your great business.

Crafting Authenticity

Your Website's Appearance
Must be Professional

We plan, design, program, and test every website from the ground up.

Truly handcrafted precision; we never use templates or pre-designed elements, nor do we outsource.

From eCommerce websites to informational blogs; from real estate agents to non-profit organizations, we have the skills to set you apart.

We would honestly love to speak to you about designing your website.

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